10 Interesting Facts About the Border Collie

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  • Date: August 28, 2022

Here are ten interesting facts about the border collie, one of the most popular and sophisticated dog breeds.


1. The Border Collie Is The Smartest Dog In The Planet

Have you heard that the border collie is the world’s most intelligent dog? It is based on research published in Stanley Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs, published in 1994, which identifies the world’s smartest dog breeds. For millions of people, this book has been a must-read. The most incredible example is a border collie named “Chess” who was able to recognize more than 1,022 distinct toys.

2. Border Collies Require A Great Deal Of Exercise

The border collie is a very active breed of dog. Lack of walking and/or physical activity can lead to a variety of behavioral issues, including destructiveness, hyperactivity, anxiety, and even increased vocalization. The aim is to go on daily walks that mix physical exercise, socialization, and sniffing activity. Similarly, we must not overlook the value of brain stimulation provided by obedience and games.

3. The Border Collie Has A Long History

Although the border collie’s real origins are unknown, we do know that it is a very old breed. Between the fifth and first century BC, it was developed in the British Isles. This is also where they got their name, as collie means “useful” in Gaelic, implying that the border collie was utilized for specific tasks, most likely farming. The term “border”, on the other hand, refers to the Border region that has existed between Scotland and England since the 17th century.

4. Border Collies Make Great Herding Dogs

The Border Collie has a variety of qualities, one of which is its remarkable ability to herd. One of the earliest functions assigned to this breed was to work as a sheepdog. As a result, the dog no longer threatens the herd, but instead guided, managed, and watched in the same way as a human Shepherd did. While they have a natural ability to guide, this is a skill that must be learned and practice. If you have no previous experience with Border Collies, you shouldn’t allow them to herd sheep. They may inadvertently harm the animals.

5. As A Watchdog, The Border Collie Is An Excellent Choice

You may not believe in utilizing animals as tools or objects, but the border collie’s active and alert character is worth mentioning. As a result, they make excellent guard dogs. We’re not suggesting they attack or defend, but they can alert their guardians to the presence of a stranger or other potential threats.

6. Is Very Often Confused With An Australian Shepherd

It’s not unusual that the border collie and the Australian Shepherd get mixed up because they’re both herding dogs with a significant physical resemblance. The border collie is a direct descendent of this Julian Shepherd, which may be distinguished by their upright or semi-erect ears, which are characteristic of the border collie. The Australian Shepherd has a smaller range of coat colors than the Border Collie. Here you can learn how to tell them apart.

7. Border Collies Can Have A Variety Of Eye Colors

Heterochromia is a genetic difference that can be found in dogs, cats, and even humans. It’s an inherited condition that causes different colored eyes. With one blue and one brown eye, the border collie can display complete heterochromia. Albinism can also manifest itself in the form of white spots around the eyes.

8. The Color Of The Border Collie’s Coat Is Rare and Unique

Border Collies can have fur that is bicolor, tricolor, merle, white, black, or gray. The breed can have long or short hair, as well as a variety of coat patterns. Similarly, they have a thick undercoat that assists them to maintain their body temperature in cold climes, and both kinds of Border Collie have a wide range of coat colors.

9. The Border Collie Is A Loyal Dog

This may seem pretty obvious because all dogs are loyal, but the border collie breed stands out for being exceptionally loyal to its family. They’re close to their owners because they can understand exactly what they’re feeling and will swiftly return the love. However, depending on their socialization, they may be reserved towards strangers.

10. The Border Collie Is A Great Dog For Kids

This characteristic is derived from the one before it. Border collies are loyal and intelligent, making them perfect for children. They are also an obedient, well-organized, and tireless dog. This is why it’s ideal for active, non-sedentary children who can interact appropriately. The border collie is mainly suitable for families that have time.

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