4 Ways To Make Bath Time More Enjoyable For Your Dog

  • By: socialdoggyclub
  • Date: August 28, 2022

A bath has a varied effect on each dog. Jumping in water can be a pleasurable sport for some, while it can also be a cause of worry and anxiety for others.

If your dog hates taking a bath, it can become a stressful task for you as well. Here are some suggestions for achieving a peaceful bath for both of you.

If your dog has never been bathed before, they are unlikely to enjoy it right away. It may take some time to get your puppy adjusted to the bathing ritual, and it will take some expertise as well as patience on your end.

1. Get Used To The Environment

A wonderful place to start to bathe your dog may be in your bathroom. Allow your dog to become accustomed to the surroundings before adding water to the tub. Place one of their favorite toys in the still-dry bathtub and allow them to play and explore. Prepare treats ahead of time so they learn to equate bath time with a reward.

2. Take It Slow

You can gradually add a little water to the tub once your dog appears comfortable (this may take a few times). Prepare for your dog to attempt jumping out – reassure them that it’s not a big deal in a calm, soothing manner, but don’t try to physically restrain them. If you were in an unfamiliar location that began to flood, you would likewise try to flee!

3. More Praise, Less Punishing

Positive reinforcement is how dogs learn. This means that yelling at them or attempting to physically restrain them will not solve the situation and may worsen it. Instead, speak in a calm tone and encourage positive behavior with their favorite goodie. If your dog associates bath time with something they enjoy, they’ll be lot more willing to put up with it.

4. Give Lots of Care And Attention To Your Dog

It’s important to provide your dog with a lot of attention once you’ve started this process. You are free to walk away and be alone for a bit, but try to stay nearby and pay attention when your dog is calling for you.

When giving your dog a thorough bath, pick a good and quiet time when there isn’t much going on in the house and when your dog has recently eaten, as he will be more likely to stay calm.

There are also a variety of grooming products able to help you in keeping your dog calm. If your dog is reluctant to take baths, these normally plug in and release relaxing pheromones, so they might be worth trying out.

See our post on how to bathe your dog for additional details.

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