Awesome Dog Names For American Bulldogs

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  • Date: August 28, 2022

The American Bulldogs are a hefty, wrinkle faced medium-sized dog breed. They are one of the largest dog breeds of utility type dogs. Their distinctive structure is their nose. Americans have been using bulldogs starting many years ago. Therefore, it is now a part of their culture. People keep bulldogs to protect them and their houses. American Bulldogs are strong and muscular dogs and their muscle is very strong in their chest and shoulders. They have a large head a distinctive face. Specially their nose, characterized by well distinct wrinkles. No specific coat color. Bulldogs come in a variation of colors such as white, black, red, brown and others. With notable tongue and adoring eyes. The cosmetic fault heterochromia can occur in the eyes of American bulldogs. Their muzzle is always large and due to having wrinkles it causes difficulties in breathing. Larger sized bulldogs are athletic.

Old English Bulldogs are the ancestors of the American Bulldogs. Some immigrant workers brought it to North America in order to help in their farm. They brought it as worker dog because their pure breeds are very strong and have the best working capacities. Now they are a part of American history and presently they are extinct in America. They are very friendly and docile dogs.

The America bulldogs are little taller and their size is medium. Average body weight of Duke. Bulldog is 30 kg and height is 50-60 cm. Their lifespan is average 10-16 years and litter size 6-18 puppies.

Awesome American Bulldog Names

  • Duke: Duke is one of the most popular names you can choose for an American bulldog. You can choose this name for a strong male bulldog. The name Duke means a male that holds the highest hereditary character in other peerages. Specially the character of anger when they have been raised for fighting with others. Duke is a name fit for those bulldogs which are kept to protect their owner or houses that need to be kept safe.
  • Lucy: The name means one who brings light.
  • Bruno: While the name can usually means the dog has brown hair, many people think of a white bulldog when they hear this name.
  • Colossus: Colossus was a character in Romantic comedy “Van Wilder”. In this comedy it was played by a dog named Taker. From there we found that it has a nice meaning inside. Those bulldogs which are more sizable can be named by Colossus. Bulldogs which are built like a monster and help in a different way.  They can help in working, protection, guarding and others. The name also indicates that those who are much bigger than their life size.
  • Ziggy: Cute male bulldogs can be named by Ziggy. They give more attraction to the owner. The name can be set for those whose nose and face is super wrinkled and very adorable. The inner meaning of the name is something that is sizable and comfort people in different ways by their certain characters.
  • Eleanor: The name Eleanor is French in origin; however, its meaning is unknown. The name Eleanor is usually paired with the name Franklin as a tribute to the United States President and his first lady.
  • Daphne: This is a fun name for a female bulldog. Daphne is suited for those bulldogs which are typically cute and sassy. Daphne can represent bulldogs that are very careful and wants to get a good treatment from her companion. It is a favorite name for the best companion bulldogs.
  • Chubs: Even though American Bulldogs aren’t typically fat, it can be funny to give to a dog that loves to be lazy.
  • Squirt: Funny female bulldogs can be named Squirt. It is best for those bulldogs which are more pleasant and have a characteristic of ejecting more saliva from mouth.
  • Sam: A famous name for a bulldog is Sam. Sam became famous from a comic strip, Family Circus. Sam can be chosen for those bulldogs that join in all activities of the family.
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