Fun and Interesting Facts About the Maltese Breed

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  • Date: August 28, 2022

The Maltese, beloved by many, are affectionate, lovable dogs who adore their dog parents’ attention. For those looking for a sweet friend, these playful and enthusiastic dogs are an ideal alternative. So what distinguishes them? We’re happy you inquired. 


Physical Traits

Maltese dogs reach a height of 7 to 12 inches and weigh 4 to 8 pounds. This makes it easier to understand why they’re known as a toy dog. They’re the perfect lap dogs and they’re the perfect size for snuggling in your lap. The elegant Maltese is known for its silky white coat that covers its whole body. It was bred by Roman emperors expressly to have the white coat. The color white was considered holy by the Romans, who desired their pets to exude a sense of divinity. The Maltese though, is much more than its coat. Maltese dogs have adorable floppy ears, a slim body with sloped shoulders, also with a rugged tail that coils over their back. They have a somewhat rounded head, a black nose, and well-proportioned brown eyes. Everyone adores these cute white dogs. When you look at their lively eyes and button noses, it’s easy to see why.


The Maltese is a sweet, caring, loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and trusting breed. And when they grow older, they’re still a lot of fun, energetic, and playful. Humans are adored by the Maltese, who like to be in close proximity to them, w hether it’s right under your feet, snuggling in your arms, or cuddling in your lap.  They are vulnerable to separation anxiety and they crave love and closeness. Crate training can help reduce separation anxiety in Maltese and other breeds. When you have to leave them home alone, this will provide them with a safe and comfortable place to relax. Maltese dogs make perfect family dogs and get along well with older children, but with younger children can be more difficult.  You may help the Maltese dog avoid this behavior by socializing them early and exposing them to young children. A word of advice: Maltese are notoriously picky eaters and may prefer something more sophisticated than a can of dog food.

You may still be curious if this breed is right for you. Let’s take a look at a few more traits of the Maltese to help you determine.


If you’re looking for a pet that won’t have you sneezing, the Maltese is an excellent option. The coat of a Maltese is straight and thick, and it falls all the way to the floor. Since the Maltese lacks an undercoat, they shed very little and are hence considered a hypoallergenic breed. Though Maltese dogs don’t shed much, they do need to be brushed on a daily basis to prevent their coats from matting. They can also be groomed every couple months and bathed every two to three weeks unless they get themselves into something especially dirty.

Energy Levels

Maltese are one of the smallest toy breeds, making them suitable for apartment or condo living. The Maltese has a lively character and finds anyone they encounter to be a friend, whether human or animal. They’re known for being sweet and adorable and for always getting their way, even when people don’t want to spoil them. While Maltese may seem fragile and posh, they have a lot of energy. Maltese dogs love going for a stroll or playing outdoors on a daily basis, and they can usually get by with 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day. It doesn’t take much time to keep them in shape since they are active indoors and don’t need much activity.

Who are the Maltese best suited for?

Maltese dogs are adaptive. Since they spend the majority of their time at home, they make perfect companions for seniors. And, as previously said, the Maltese have a penchant for taking all the limelight. Maltese and seniors get along well because they all like cuddling on your lap. These little fur balls deserve exercise, so having a backyard or the ability to walk them on a regular basis is important. Maltese are also great with kids and make wonderful family pets. If you have little ones, you’ll just have to pay special care because Maltese are a fragile breed that is vulnerable to injuries and accidents. If you’re a working adult who always comes home in the evenings, Maltese is probably not the best breed for you. If you work from home, Maltese will definitely be an option; just make an effort to incorporate them into your day as much as possible.

Now that you know the basics of what makes the Maltese unique, let’s look at some interesting facts that will get you even more enamored with them.

Fun fact #1:  They go by several names

Other than Maltese, this breed has gone by a variety of names in its history. Maltese lion dog, Comforter dog, Maltese terrier, roman ladies dog, shock dog, and spaniel gentle are some of these names.

Fun fact # 2: The Maltese have existed for a long time

This adorable breed has been around for over 2,800 years. These  small dogs sat on the laps of ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. They have a long history.

Fun Fact #3: It’s on purpose that they white fur

Roman emperors deliberately bred Maltese to have the white coat we see today.

Fun Fact # 4: These dogs were adored by royalty

These lap dogs were a big hit with the royals. These pooches would be adored by queens, who would feed them from gold dishes.

Fun Fact #5: Celebrities enjoy Maltese dogs

We had a feeling they were going to be stars. Marilyn Monroe is a popular Maltese dog owner. Halle Berry, Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Sarandon, Mona Lisa, Eva Longoria, Daisy Low, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna are some of the most well-known Maltese dog owners in the world.

Fun Fact #6: They like jumping

Since they are small, they may jump, so you might want to keep your valuables up high. Those little tykes.

Fun Fact #7: They make wonderful therapy pets

Because of their gentle demeanor and caring temperament, Maltese dogs make outstanding therapy dogs. They’ll snuggle with whoever they’re attempting to assist, and who doesn’t like a dog snuggle? They’ve been a huge help in nursing homes, hospitals, disaster areas, and underprivileged schools.

Fun Fact #8: A very fortunate Maltese became a millionaire

You heard that right. Leona Helmsley had left a 12-million-dollar fortune to her Maltese named “Trouble”, but the government intervened and cut it to 2 million. This dog was living it up.

Fun Fact #9: they are loyal companions

Since they are fearless and obedient, the Maltese will definitely have your back. You can always count on them to come to your assistance.

Fun Fact #10: The majority of Maltese have a puppy cut

Although there are a few Maltese puppies out there who like to wear their coats long and luscious, the majority of owners prefer to give their dog the puppy cut. This cut usually entails heavily trimming or even cutting the dog’s hair to a length of an inch or less. Today, the majority of Maltese have this kind of haircut. It just adds to their cuteness.

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