What Causes French Bulldogs to Snore So Loudly? The Surprising Reason Unveiled!

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  • Date: May 3, 2023

The snoring of French bulldogs is a matter that has drawn attention among many first-time pet owners. But why do they make such loud noises in their sleep? This is due to several factors, namely the anatomy of this breed and its short muzzle, which leaves little room for airflow through their noses. The other factor that contributes to their snoring is the length of the soft palate. It can be longer than the muzzle and vibrates during breathing, leading to various snorts and gurgles that can comprise a noisy night’s rest.

Nevertheless, there are ways to minimize this activity and make sure your pooch does not disturb your slumber.


What causes French bulldogs to snore so loudly?

French bulldogs are brachycephalic-skulled dog breeds, meaning they have flat skulls and narrowed airways, which can contribute to their frequent and loud snoring. This particular characteristic is caused by a few factors such as obesity, Elongated Soft Palate (ESP), and even Narrow Nostrils Syndrome (NNS). If your pup suffers from any of these issues, it’s important to take him for regular check-ups with a veterinarian who will diagnose and treat the issue in order to reduce snoring.

Obesity can be an issue with all dog breeds, but those with restricted airway access such as French bulldogs face more difficulty when trying to breathe normally due to fat deposits around their neck. ESP is another issue causing problems when breathing, constricting this passage due to excessive tissue growth. Finally, NNS can cause severe respiratory issues since the dog’s nostrils can be too small for proper airflow into the body. This ailment needs immediate surgery in order to fix the flow of oxygen intake, thus relieving loud snoring.

How to stop a French bulldog snorting and snoring so much

It can be quite annoying to hear your French bulldog snoring or snorting, but unfortunately, this is a natural occurrence in dogs. Unfortunately, there is no real way to permanently solve the issue of snoring and snorting in your dog; however, it may be possible to reduce its intensity by implementing some lifestyle changes. For instance, choosing the right type of bedding for your pet can make a huge difference in their comfort level, as well as reducing the noise they create while sleeping. In rare cases where the snoring has become excessive and more than just an annoying sound, surgery may also be considered to correct any structural problems that may exist within your pet’s airways.

You should also consider putting your French Bulldog on a restricted diet if their snoring has become worse over time. Overeating or eating high caloric foods can cause increased fat content around their throat tissue which will obstruct their airway and result in increased snoring and other breathing problems. Other solutions include using humidifiers in the home (particularly when spending time indoors during winter months) to keep your dog’s room moisture-rich; as well as regularly brushing their teeth and performing oral grooming activities such as ear cleansing to prevent any dental disease.

What Is The Best Dog Bed To Buy For A French Bulldog?

Picking the right French Bulldog bed might not seem like a priority, but it can actually have a dramatic positive effect in preventing snoring. Just like when choosing a pillow for ourselves, we search until finding the perfect fit for our necks and heads. When it comes to beds for our Frenchie companions, elevation on three sides can give them the most comfortable sleeping position and help eliminate their snoring.

The “Cheap & Chic” Ultra Soft Durable Bed is an excellent choice in this department. It is made of soft felt filling, making sure your beloved pet lives through a cozy night’s sleep, as well as providing them with comfort resulting from its shape that helps reduce snoring. The bed comes in two colors and numerous sizes to perfectly fit every pup’s size and needs. Products such as this one make sure you find exactly what you need in order to provide your four-legged friend with all it takes so they do not suffer from health issues, such as snoring.

Do French bulldogs generally snore?

French Bulldogs are a beloved breed of dog, but unfortunately all Frenchies do snore due to their distinct flat muzzles. This snoring is not unique only to the Frenchie either—Pugs, Boston Terriers and other short-skulled dogs also tend to be prone to snoring. As such, it can be difficult for owners of these breeds to get some peace and quiet in their homes.

When should you be concerned about your French bulldog snoring so much?

When it comes to French bulldogs, snoring is not an unusual occurrence. In fact, these dogs are famously known for their signature loud snoring. However, when it comes to your beloved pooch, you should always be aware when this type of behavior is out of character or persistently occurring—it could be a sign of something serious.

In most cases snoring can be normal and harmless but in other cases, it might be a symptom of an underlying medical issue such as an allergy. It’s important to pay attention to any change in snoring frequency or severity i.e., if it’s particularly loud or happening more than usual. Also watch out for other signs such as excessive sneezing when going outside or itching behavior– all of these may indicate allergic rhinitis and may require medical attention from your vet. Allergy-related snoring can often be effectively managed with simple remedies such as hypoallergenic food, management of environmental factors, nasal steroids and drugs and mucus thinners. The key is early detection and management – so don’t hesitate to schedule a vet appointment if your Frenchie shows any symptoms that worry you!

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