What Do I Do If My Dog Bites Me?

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  • Date: August 27, 2022

This is something that many dog owners ask quite often. When a dog attacks its owner, a range of emotions are relatively common, including panic, shock, anger, pain, and even guilt. The possibility of having to give up your dog is often your first concern or worry. Nevertheless, this isn’t always the case. You will need to carefully evaluate the facts around the dog bite occurrence in order to decide on the most suitable course of action, maybe working with your veterinarian or a dog trainer.


What to do if your dog bites you

Keep your composure first and trust a trainer with the rest. When we hear the phrase “my dog bit me,” we should be aware that a dog with aggressive behavior against other dogs or even people poses a very serious risk, especially if it has tried to bite or nipped other dogs or even a person in the past. We explain what you can do if your dog bites you. But first, it needs to be made clear that each dog is unique in terms of its personality and past, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to every problem.

Bear in mind that dogs do not bite for fun. In general, before saying “my dog bit me,” it is important to note that the dog had most likely indicated ahead of time certain signals, and that the bite was likely the result of miscommunication between the dog and the person. It is advisable to see a qualified dog trainer to find those signals. Together, you can identify the source and stop such attacks in the future. By the way, little noble dogs will occasionally bite if their master doesn’t treat their training seriously. Their handler needs to rethink this over the long haul!

Use a muzzle if your dog has bitten you, to protect yourself

Avoiding harm should always come first in confrontational situations. When in public, a dog that might bite should wear a muzzle, and if necessary, precautions must be taken in private as well. It’s important that the dog adjusts to the muzzle positively.

What to do if your dog is aggressive toward other dogs

If handlers calmly and intentionally move their dogs away from potential signs of trouble (circling, growling), aggressive behavior against other dogs can be stopped before it worsens. You may prevent unpleasant confrontations by organizing your walks in advance and speaking to other dog handlers if you are aware that your pooch only exhibits aggression with specific breeds of dogs. It is certainly convenient to train the dog at the same time.

What to do if two dogs start fighting

In the case of a conflict, well-socialized dogs often engage in a power struggle that does not result in harm. However, even these can have negative effects, particularly if the dogs are of significantly different sizes. Unexpected attacks by dogs who don’t exhibit normal social behavior are far more dangerous. In addition, a dog that has experienced an attack may become hostile toward other dogs in the future as a result of the incident.

Do not intervene in any way if your dog is being bitten or is doing the biting. Screaming at the opponent or beating them with the leash will just make them more hostile and put you in danger. It can be useful to distract the dogs with a loud noise (such as popping a plastic bag) or with the water you carry in a bottle so that you can safely separate them and secure the leash.

You have no option but to place a muzzle on your dog if you can’t ensure it won’t bite. Here, you need to make sure that your furry friend can breathe easily. Your dog will eventually get used to it and stop being bothered by the muzzle after some time of adjustment. This will increase the sense of security, which will benefit joint training.

My dog has bitten me and he is aggressive towards people

We already know that there are several potential explanations for dog aggressiveness. However, a lack of socialization and the consequent insecurity or fear are frequently to blame for the issue. Some dog breeds may also exhibit dominant protective instincts, which makes them aggressive. Of course, errors in training may also foster or deepen this behavior. For instance, if the dog has learned that he can get what he wants by threatening or nipping, as that is how he gets to stay on the sofa or avoid you taking away his toys. Working on the hierarchy in this situation is sensible, ideally with a professional’s assistance.

Steer puppies away from potentially risky situations in a good way. For instance, it is a good idea to make your little dog to “sit” when a visitor comes if he is aggressive with your guests. The visitor may reward them with a snack if everything goes well. As soon as the first indications of aggression occur, action must be taken right away to stop them. With your dog, practice fundamental obedience, and at the first hint of aggression, stop him with a command like “no!” If this method is unsuccessful, you can distract the dog by making a loud noise to resolve the situation.

Remain calm

Always strive to exude tranquillity and peace. Dogs can sense your anxiety as a runner approaches or your fear of another dog, which might encourage aggressive behavior. It’s important to come to an agreement on a common strategy if there are issues with hierarchy in the family that lead to the dog acting violently toward other members. When different rules are in effect, the dog feels uneasy. It is better for dominant and aggressive dogs to have their bed in a relatively isolated location since strategically significant locations, such as next to the doors reinforce the presumption that they are in charge. To control the hierarchy of dominant dogs, it might be quite beneficial to keep the dog out of certain rooms.

Remember that even when being trained, the dog may pose a threat to others. It is advised that you seek professional assistance from a dog trainer following a biting incident.

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