8 Fun Facts About Pugs

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  • Date: August 28, 2022

Article Image from: Black Pug Site


1. Pugs Love To Lick

You’re bound to hear plenty of slurping from this breed.

2. Good Apartment Dogs

Pugs do not require a lot of physical activity. Thus they need less space and will be comfortable in a small house or apartment.

3. Pugs Are Royalty

In ancient times, pugs were bred as companions for Chinese emperors. Later, they also lived with ruling families in the Netherlands. Queen Victoria of England bred her own pugs, and passed them down to her grandson King George V and his son King Edward VIII.

4. Pugs Come in Different Colors

Pugs come in three colors: silver, apricot-fawn, or black. Nowadays, you can also find pugs in unique colors, like brindle, caramel, and black and tan. 

5. Plenty Of Snoring

Pugs love their sleep. Be prepared to hear some loud snoring from them.

6. A  good choice for elderly people because they are low maintenance.

7. They were bred to have wrinkles

Chinese breeders purposefully bred pugs to have wrinkles. They aimed to create a pattern on the pugs forehead that resembled the Chinese character for “prince”. 

8. A Highly Intelligent dog

A pug is one of the most intelligent dogs due to its charming and comical expressions which makes it a favorite pet. These dogs love to socialize and adapt fast to a new environment.

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