How to Get Rid of Dog Odors

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  • Date: August 28, 2022

Accidents can happen, and it’s all part of the learning process for your puppy. Even if you’re dealing with unpleasant carpet scents and attempting to get rid of the dog pee odor from the carpet, don’t overreact if your dog has an accident indoors. You may be having toilet accidents more frequently than usual right now, but we’ve got you covered.

If you’re still training your puppy, you should avoid developing habits that encourage him to eliminate indoors, and you should take him outside as much as possible.

If you’re looking for ways to remove the urine smell from your carpet, here are a few suggestions.

If your dog continually leaves messes on your carpet, you’ll need to figure out a way to keep your carpets clean and perhaps take him to the veterinarian to rule out any underlying health concerns, especially if you have a senior pet.

You’re undoubtedly also curious as to how to remove the stench of old dog urine from your carpet. Here’s what you need to know about removing that dog pee odor.


How Do I Remove the Scent of Old Dog Urine from My Carpet?

If your dog has an accident inside the house, you must clean up all of the excrement or urine stains immediately. Your puppy will believe that it is the proper location to defecate if you don’t. He’ll continue to do so.

Polish Up with Positive Reinforcement Potty Training

If you do not already have a crate in place, be sure to get one and set it up. You’ll also want to reconsider your house training and might need to give him more frequent outdoor breaks. If you must be away from home for an extended amount of time, you could hire a pet sitter. Remove and soak all the urine or feces to remove and treat the urine and feces stains together with the stench.

The next step is to use a commercial pet carpet cleaner. Enzymes in specialized carpet cleaning solutions work to eliminate urine and feces stains by neutralizing them.

Carpet cleaning chemicals are readily available at all pet shops and supermarkets, and they work fast to remove dog urine odors from your carpet. You’ll need to follow the instructions to ensure that the goods work as promised.

If your dog consistently causes problems in the house, you’ll need to find a solution. Perhaps you missed a step during the training process, and it’s time to brush up on your housebreaking skills. Perhaps your dog is elderly, and has an illness that affects many older dogs.

Don’t get upset with your puppy or adult dog if you find messes. You’ll need to consult with your veterinarian and determine whether it’s time for senior doggie diapers for a mature dog.

Get assistance from a good dog trainer if you’re having difficulties teaching your dog to pee. You may even use Zoom or Skype to learn how to really work with your dog in order to achieve the greatest results through positive training. This is quite straightforward, especially during COVID-19.

How Do I Get Rid of Dog Urine from My Carpet?

It can be difficult to get rid of dog urine odor from carpet due to the presence of acid in it. Dog urine has an acidic component that destroys the carpet fibers. When dog urine dries, it leaves an alkaline residue. If you don’t use a specialist pet cleaning solution to remove the salt compounds from your dog’s pee, the pee may have an unpleasant smell for years.

When damp air collects, urine odor may not be as pungent in the winter since there is so much dry air. However, in humid environments, the urine ammonia gets reactivated once again and begins to smell.

What Can You Do to Get the Urine Smell Out of Your Couch?

We adore our canine companions, but nothing is more unpleasant than having a stench of dog urine in your house.

If you have a tiny male dog breed, you may be having more of a problem. Dogs mark their territory with their urine, but smaller dog breeds might also want to do it indoors.

To begin, determine where on the sofa the filthy region exists. Then use the pet product that removes urine and odors. If your domesticated companion has urinated or excreted on your hardwood floor, utilize the appropriate tile and wood cleaner.

On your regular strolls, you’ll notice that your dog pausing, smelling, and peeing on occasion. Dogs also use territorial marking to convey information about their reproductive cycles, ages, and identities to other dogs.

If your dog urinates over another dog’s urine, it shows a sense of proprietorship over that region or simply adds to the pile of dog pee in that location. But let’s return to how to get rid of the old dog urine scent from the carpet and how you can assist your beloved pet?

How Can I Avoid Indoor Marking?

If your doggie likes doing this, it might become a big problem. Indoor targets such as the family couch, corner table, plant flowers, and even door frames are common. If your furry companion continues to do it every day, the worst part of the situation would be how to remove that dog pee smell? Yes, it’ll be extremely unpleasant!

Although this is an important aspect of canine existence, you’ll have to educate your pet how to do it outside on a more frequent basis. If you have a dominant dog, neutering him may be necessary. This is since male dogs urinate more frequently than female dogs and tend to mark items as they do so.

This, in the long run, allows the dog urine odor to remain for months or even years following cleaning your carpet. You’ll be wondering how to get rid of dog pee smell again after your dog continues to urinate on it.

The key to preventing indoor marking is to prevent it in the first place, and professional pet carpet cleaners can help with that. You may also try making your own preparations.

Increasing the Amount of Time Spent Outdoors

If your dog has a long-standing habit of marking your favorite sofa, you’ll have to take him out more frequently. Every two to three hours, he should be able to go pee. If this method doesn’t work, consider going outside once every hour, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

This will allow him to establish “his territory” and prevent you from asking the same question regarding how to get rid of the dog pee smell in your carpet repeatedly.

Teaching Your Dog to Mark Outside

To avoid unpleasant indoor carpets and spoiled pet memoirs, teach your dog to urinate on the yard rather than your favorite sofa. Never punish your dog. If the behavior has been established for some time, you’ll need a few months of continuous positive potty training, along with frequent long and short walks to keep your dog’s bladder as empty as feasible.

Paper towels can also be utilized to mop up your dog’s pee, then smear it on approved outdoor locations in your garden. You may also try this on neighborhood walks with the aim of encouraging your dog to mark his territory outdoors.

When your dog smells his own odor, he will be encouraged to mark that specific location. You may then offer him a treat or compliment him. If you don’t have as much time, you could consider hiring a pet sitter to encourage this new behavior.

What Is the Best Way to Remove the Smell of Old Dog Urine From My Carpet?

The majority of the pet urine and smell removal solutions are simple to apply! You don’t have to scrub the carpets. After spraying the pet pee stain, wait for the citrusy, fresh carpet scent to permeate throughout the room.

How Do Odor and Urine Removal Products for Dogs Work?

To eradicate unpleasant urine odors with oxidation, all carpet cleaning products are practically lifesavers for any pet family.

This powerful multifunctional solution uses an integrated system of odor neutralizers and counteractants to ensure effective de-odorization and urine odor removal under any conditions.

Although being a pet parent may be gratifying, it doesn’t come with urine-free guarantees, especially if your home is filled with pet pee smells.

Here’s what you should do if you’re wondering how to remove dog urine out of carpet:

 1. Bathing Regularly

All dogs have a natural scent of their own, although some dog breeds have stronger odors than others. To keep your pets clean and bacteria-free, bathe them frequently. Your dog’s muddy paws may arrive after a walk. Wipes, a wet towel, or even rinsing them with lukewarm soapy water might be useful.

 2. Encourage Well-Being

Keep your dog’s health and dental health maintained by giving him daily supplements, as well as keeping track of his dental hygiene and seeing the veterinarian on a regular basis.

3. Exercise on a Regular Basis

Dogs, like humans, require a regular exercise regimen and will be less likely to have potty mistakes in the house if they are encouraged to go outdoors. You’ll have to go out more frequently while puppy-training your puppy during his or her early life.

Bare in mind that even older dogs can have mishaps. Rescue or adopted dogs with behavioral difficulties or who have experienced trauma in previous homes may urinate inside as well.

If you’re having trouble changing your dog’s behavior, get in touch with your veterinarian initially to inspect his or her health, and then enlist the aid of a good dog trainer or psychologist to modify the behavior.

4. Frequently Clean Your Dog’s Bed

Every week, wash your dog’s bed at least once. This is a habit that frequently goes overlooked. Vacuum first and then machine wash cold as usual. Always follow the directions on the label! Please read them carefully because each manufacturer has different cleaning instructions for dog beds.

5. Protect Against Odors Using Deodorizers

If you use deodorizers in your home, you may assist eliminate lingering noxious dog pee scents and maintain your air quality good. Pet urine and smell removal chemicals use certified bacterial action to destroy germs and odors.

If your pet is prone to misbehavior, have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis to prevent persistent pee smells. It’s preferable to clean up any mess made by your puppy as soon as possible. To eliminate strong pet pee odors and stains, use an enzymatic cleaner for dogs.

It’s difficult to get motivated when your dog has an accident on your carpet, but there are a few ways you can encourage him or make it easier for him to go pee outside. Always encourage your dog with words of praise while potty training, and never chastise him. You may assist him by anticipating his demands in order to take him outdoors before he has an accident! That will prevent you from thinking about how to remove the smell of dog urine from your carpet for good

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