The Top 8 Interactive Dog Toys for 2022

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  • Date: August 28, 2022

Every dog is different, and every dog loves to play.  However, because the nature and temperament of some dogs differ considerably throughout their breeds, some can often be more playful than others.

A low energy dog is a suitable pet for some people.  It’s not to bad mouth these types of dogs, they’re not useless, they just simply aren’t as active or lively in nature as a few of their peers. Normally they’re going to have to take a nap every day instead of going to the dog park.  They’re the cuddly, affectionate pups, that need loads of attention, they just don’t want too much of a workout.

However fun recreation is also required for all dogs!  But racing, leaping and tugging is just not as fun to lower energy dogs like it might be to their counterparts. This means that they always have a completely different type of toy.  But which interactive toys would they like the best?  What about toys that stimulate their mind when it’s too cold to enjoy outdoors?  The best toys to be engaged and stop lurking?

Your dog will love these interactive toys to utilize them to get something to happen.  This may vary from a simple toy with several squeezers to complicated puzzles that activate the brain that your pet requires to navigate puzzle parts to locate the piece that’s hidden.

Here is a guide on the best mental stimulation toys and puzzles for your dog:

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Best Interactive Toys to Keep Your Dog From Being Bored

1. Hide-a-Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy

This immersive dog toy is your big or little dog’s best puzzle toy.  It engages the imagination, stops boredom and keeps energy-efficient or high-power pups happy for hours.

Having low energy does not equate to having low intelligence and even dogs that move very slow still enjoy a challenge mentally now and then.  And that’s just what the Outward Hound Hide-a-Squirrel Puzzle Dog Toy does, along with a few playful friends to cuddle with in bed. 

You get three or six squirrels in the hole in the branches according to the amount that you buy.  Your dog has the challenge to find each and root it out to free the tree!  The squirrels even have various noises and patterns that make your dog’s energy level much more fun.

2. KONG Core Strength Bone Dog Toy 

KONG’s core strength bone has been crafted specifically for chews.  This sturdy toy is crafted to show dog’s a good time with its long play and chew time.  This toy is made tougher by the additional layers in the middle, while the textured exterior helps support good gums and teeth as your dog chews.  You will further reinforce your relationship with your furry friend with interactive play like a fun fetch game!  The best thing is that you can pick more than one size for your dog.

3. West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Toy

This new puzzle toy provides pups with the potential to have a lot of fun without wasting too much energy.  For dogs of all sizes or types, it is colorful and formed like a bone and makes it easier to handle for even smaller dogs.

They will get all sorts of treats – from slices of apples to their beloved kibble or raw sticks – and they will face a mental obstacle to overcome which is engaging but not too tiring.

People who have bought West Paw’s interactive treatments are very praiseworthy for the fact that dog puzzle toys can be packed with most things that are edible, and it is in the perfect form/size, and simple to clean. 

4. Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy 4″

Not every dog that isn’t very energetic needs to work so hard for treats, so according to many of the people who have bought the Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy, the fundamental puzzle ball could become one of your pup’s favorite toys.

The transparent ball is made of a durable, secure material for animals and the complexity of the puzzle can be changed to meet your dog’s needs.  It can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.  It accommodates most traditional dog treats.  Some dog owners noted that this toy may be better for younger and smaller dogs as it won’t survive really aggressive play, but it does have some endurance.

5. Tuffy’s Mega Ring Dog Toy

The Tuffy’s Mega Ring Dog toy is the perfect component for a low-energy dog who is loves a tug game with their owner but would not like to make the game harder.

The floating donut shaped dog toy makes noise and is large and brightly colored.  The seven-layer structure, though being comfortable enough to cuddle when play time is finished, is built to be incredibly sturdy. 

This toy is the best for larger breeds, with a top rating of “10” on Tuffy’s own “Tuff Scale”.

This toy has many fans that applaud it for its longevity and the fact that there are four distinct squeakers around the ring which many think makes it much more attractive and friendly for their dogs.

6. Buck Bone Organics Whole Elk Antler Dog Chew

Often energy-efficient dogs have a dog bone, which they can chew and tear until they go to sleep.  This standard definitely fits the Buck Bone Organics Whole Elk Antler Dog Chew.  The chew is broad and chunky, making it easy to lug around for most dogs and it is long lasting and worth more than an already reasonably decent price tag according to those people who have bought it.

All of the chew is naturally 100% shed of a US elk antler. An elk’s antlers are known to shed their bodies painlessly and spontaneously, so that the development of these chews does not affect the elks!  It also includes many important vitamins and minerals, is gluten-free, so that it does not contribute to tummy aches in gluten-sensitive pups, which is something several dog owners enjoyed.  And though they don’t realize, many previous buyers find these chews taste really sweet, because of the thrilling reactions of their dog.

7. JW Pet Hol-ee Treat Ball

This is also a puzzle ball that provides the ability for dogs of all sizes and levels of energy to “work” and allow their contributions to be rewarded on their time.  Its vivid colors, though, make it easier for pups to keep their focus on the ball as they work to get to their treats.

Owners to younger dogs strongly advise that a rubber ball be made of a smoother and more resilient rubber instead of a rigid plastic, which makes it easier for smaller and lower energy dogs with sensitive teeth to play with.

8. Petcube Bites 2

The Petcube Bites 2 is an interactive dog camera which enables you to connect with and deliver your pocket treats while watching the Petcube mobile app. 

To share the stream of your dog with your friends and relatives, you can set up a Petcube camera!

Tips on Picking the Best Interactive Dog Toys for Your Pup

There are many wonderful toys available to keep dogs interested and happy even if they have low energy, as you would certainly find as you start shopping online or in stores for them.

Interactive toys may be a good compliment to behavior strategy for a dog with concerns over separation.

Dog toys such as flying balls and disks that encourage your pup to chase, jump and strike are some of the best fun dog games to join in.  Soft, sticky or plush toys are also great for dogs.

“Tug” games are also fun, so those toys are great, but they may not be ideal for defensive dogs as playing tug-of-war with them may make them more aggressive.  These however can raise a shy dog’s confidence.

And what other elements should you look for in an interactive dog toy?


You will now see that variety of interactive dog toys.  There’s never been a better time to find interactive toy for your dog, based on height, weight and chewing habits of your pup!  May your dog have fun chewing ahead!

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