Tips for Grooming Your Dog At Home

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  • Date: August 28, 2022

Cleanliness and tidiness are attractive and this doesn’t only apply to the house and its environment, but also all the occupants of the said home. Mostly, we tend to focus on cleaning up ourselves and more than often we forget to take care of pets. For instance, keeping a dog as a pet requires regular grooming appointments to prevent it from looking shabby and unkept. But did you know there are simple ways and tips you can follow to ensure that your dog remains clean and kept?

You can always groom your dog at home if you wish to save some coin and in doing so, you will also get to have some well-spent time with the pup. Do it yourself dog grooming is not difficult if you have the right tools. That is key to ensuring that you have a smooth experience. Knowing what to use and what to avoid will prevent the pet from becoming uncomfortable during the grooming which may make them act up.

To start, get online and check reviews for the best dog grooming tools. If they are a bit expensive and you cannot afford them on your own, then get the ones that you can afford and get innovative with them. The most important tools to have are:

A pair of scissors- Make sure that they are not blunt because this could result in you tugging and pulling your dog’s fur instead of trimming it properly. The dog will be uncomfortable with all the tugging and pulling and may bite you or struggle to get away from you.

Brush- If you have a dog with short fur, a brush with rubber-tip bristles is a good choice. For pet owners whose dogs have long fur, metal-pinned types are a good idea.

Shampoo- There are some shampoos made specifically for dog fur. It is advisable to mix the shampoo with water so that you do not have a very hard time rinsing it out.

Clippers and blow dryers are not essential but they are good to have if your dog is more of the furrier breeds.

Here are the steps to follow when grooming the pet.


Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

Just like we humans, some breeds of dogs tend to have nails that grow quite faster and longer than the rest. Therefore this requires some trimming of the nails after two weeks or so. This is an easy task that can be accomplished by simply tipping the edge of the nails as the dog rests or when you’re playing with it. If you make it fun the dog will not get anxious and uncomfortable.

Clean Up Their Ears To Prevent Any Infection

This is the most ignored area when it comes to dog grooming. The number of times that the dog will require ear cleaning will depend on the type of the breed. There are these types of breeds of dogs that tend to have longer or heavier ears that cover the canal. This means that the ear canal requires frequent compulsory cleaning for the well being of the dog. There is need for one to have or purchase doggie ear cleaner to make this exercise as easy as possible.

Additionally, you need to have the following ingredients at your disposal: hydrogen peroxide, cotton and, of course, some vinegar. Just wet the cotton with the available solutions and clean the outside part first and as you go on cleaning inside of the dog’s ear, you need to be extremely careful so as not to hurt the pup.

Brush The Coat

Brushing off the dog’s coat is quite helpful when it comes to grooming a dog. This is because the brushing act completely removes debris, dirt and any dead hair and dander that will be all over your house if the dog is not taken care of. Subsequently brushing off the dog’s coat removes any unpleasant odor from the skin hence making the dog healthy and clean.

Once you have done this you may feel tempted to spray your dog so that it can smell fantastic. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is advisable to leave the dog as is. Dogs are more sensitive to smell than humans, and trying to make them smell better with fragrances may end up causing problems for them because animals know their scent.

Bathe Your Dog

This is the ultimate way to go to achieve the highest mark of cleanliness when it comes to grooming your dog. There are numerous doggie towelettes and shampoos available on the market. They contain all sort of moisturizers and conditioners to enhance the beauty of your dog.

Remember that your dog’s pads should also be cleaned. They may get cracked over time and in addition to that, you do need to trim the hair in between the paws if it is too long. If your dog seems uncomfortable at first, do not struggle with them. Let them get used to the idea and train them over the next few times you do grooming. With time they will get used to it.

If your dog has long fur that covers the eyes and you wish to trim it, do it in such a way that the trimmings do not end up in the dog’s eye. One way to do this is trimming while using a damp cloth to collect the trimmings. Make sure the dog is comfortable and not fidgety.

Additional Tips

One important tip to remember is to use dog products. It is often tempting to use human hygiene products on your dog. This may not be such a good idea because some of these contain chemicals that are toxic to dogs. Should your dog accidentally swallow any of these after licking them, they will get ill.

If your dog is extremely uncomfortable with the idea of grooming at home you can try to persuade them with treats. Once they have a consistent grooming routine they will stop being too nervous and the grooming exercise will be fun for the both of you.

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