Top 10 Things That Will Make Your Dog Happy & Pleased

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  • Date: August 28, 2022

Do you ever think about ways to make your dog happy? You likely have and that’s why you’re here, huh? Dogs are emotionally charged animals that love to please their owners . Be good to your dogs and they will reward you with their unconditional love and loyalty.  But how?  Here we have put together a list of top 10 things that make your dog satisfied and happy:


1. Learn to understand and respond to the signs your dog gives you.

Often, our pets form a close bond with us, and they simply need our company.

When you’re close, try to better understand the non-verbal signals your pet gives you. Here are some signs: if their eyes are wide open – your dog is wanting some attention. Rolling on their back – They trust you and want to please you, so rub their tummy.   putting a paw on your knee with a suggestive look – They are questioning your authority and want to control you.  leaning on you, looking for personal touch or bringing you toys to play – Your dog is showing they love you.  Relaxed, body shakes, tail wags – the dog is happy.

To teach you different thoughts, there are also other non-verbal signals the dog uses. To make your dog feel satisfied and happy, respond to them. Don’t forget your own thoughts either! Scientific testing has demonstrated the capacity of dogs to discern between human feelings.

Perhaps when you’re stressed, excited, or sad, you have seen your dog behaving differently. When you spend time with your puppy, if you’re calm and comfortable, they will feel happy too!

2. Reward and pet your dog more often.

Constructive feedback helps us to get better, but our spirits are also easily boosted by random incentives and compliments, right? Dogs enjoy prizes, accolades, and even cuddling in most situations! Each time they make you smile, share with your devoted furry pets a bit of that pleasure by thanking and petting them.

It will also make the dog feel happy more often, enhancing their satisfaction for the long run. Check out some new dog toys to make your dog feel much happier, and switch between them over time. Fresh smells and textures will intrigue your dog more and please them. 

3.  Find creative ways to play with your dog

Dogs like playing with their friends and owners because it makes them feel like a member of the family.

Many dog owners think it’s only possible to play outdoors with a dog, because that’s a wonderful way to have fun, because that will certainly make the dog happy, but you can still play many games indoors with them. Hide-and-seek, dancing and listening to music, and trying out selfie editing, and face-swapping apps are some examples of games. There’s a pretty fun game out there that will make your dog happy, even though you’re not home. It’s called “Treasure Hunt” Hide a couple of your dog’s favorite toys around the house before leaving. This game will give your dog something to do to make them happy when you are gone.

4. Provide your dog with warmth and security.

Dogs have a need for protection, belonging, and affection, just as humans do. When they have a place where they can be happy, secure, healthy, and when their owner pays attention to them, our pets are delighted. How to provide security and comfort for your dog?

Make your dog a personal space (often a comfy little bed where they can sleep). Introduce them to all the members and pets of the family. For your puppy, make an exercise plan. Do not punish or scream at your dog for adverse actions; instead, promote healthy behaviors. When your dog is home, minimize fear by putting on the television, music, keeping the lights on, etc. In short, meet the need for safety and affection for your dog – it will get you one step closer to a satisfied pet.

5. Feeding your dog a well-balanced diet.

Dogs need food that meets all of their nutritional criteria. Therefore, we are speaking about food that is well balanced. Do you know the 6 most essential dog dietary requirements? The first is water.

Water is certainly the most essential resource and, based on your pet’s particular needs, it is often appropriate to ensure that they obtain water from food. Wet dog food, for instance, will contain 60 to 87 percent water, whereas dry food contains just 3 to 11 percent water. The 2nd is protein. For each breed, the volume of protein should be modified separately. The best diet produces the most protein dependent on animals (as opposed to plant-based).

Third is fats. Fats are a nutrient that a dog needs, but too much fat may contribute to increased mass.

The amount of intake needed depends mainly on your pet’s age, size and lifestyle. The 4th is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates have a beneficial impact on the wellbeing of a dog and are particularly useful for your pet’s growth.

The 5th are vitamins. Vitamin C is the most important thing for dogs. You should not have to wonder while you are buying dog food, since dog food suppliers frequently produce their food with vitamin levels greater than the minimum requirements. And minerals for the sixth. The amount of mineral intake needed is very limited, so dog food should contain well-balanced doses, as too much of a certain mineral might affect others absorption rates.

Well-balanced and full meals will fulfill your pet’s physiological needs and allow them to be more energetic, healthier and happier.

6.  Let your dog hang around other dogs.

Our furry companions are very social and usually love to encounter new dogs and individuals.

There are sometimes exceptions, of course, and some dogs do not respond in the appropriate way to new dogs and humans. What does a dog do to help make it possible for them to make new friends? Dogs can also feel insecure when they are unexpectedly placed with several new dogs and people in an area. In a familiar environment, meeting new dogs and people and welcoming them one by one should help your pet feel better and make new friends quicker. So, take the attitude of your dog into account!

7. Train and teach your dog new tricks.

Dogs often require emotional stimulation, aside from physical stimulation. For dogs, preparation is a positive idea because they’re clever and able to learn new tricks easily.

It is nice for dogs to learn new tricks and it also means they get to spend time with you! You create a special relationship with your pet by teaching them. Dogs often want to spend time with a human who has warmth and protection for them. What to do if your dog isn’t as obedient? Dogs need a powerful leader who sets guidelines for good behavior and rewards them.

To inspire them to learn, use dog treats and compliment them. Set reasonable values and even take care of your own emotions.

8. Make sure your dog stays healthy

it’s not always simple to constantly keep up with the wellbeing and grooming of your dog. Even, in keeping your pet comfortable, health is a significant factor. Maintaining the dog’s health includes: dental care, fur treatment, flea control, ticks and earthworms, vaccinations, preventive veterinarian care every 6 months, checking for symptoms of typical diseases and ensuring a healthy weight for their particular dog types. Why is health significant to the satisfaction of a dog?

A dog may be nervous and depressed due to excessive discomfort and scratching. Hence, the health of a dog is one of the fundamental criteria for their happiness.

9. Take the dog on a run or stroll.

Dogs constantly despise being holed up in the home or in their doghouse. When you take them out for a walk or a run, almost all dogs love it, especially if they expect a treat or to see peers in dog parks. Dogs are often activated by physical exercise. It is important to introduce dogs to different noises, smells and new circumstances.

Physical exercise such as walking and running tends to relax the dog emotionally and psychologically. How do You make these walks more fun? For dogs, regular walking or running is great exercise. Even, occasionally sitting and letting the dog wander around and discover the world is a smart idea.

Even if you always go down the same path, a fresh smell or yet another thrilling scenario will always come up for the dog.

10. Give a new toy to your dog.

Dogs are like kids at times. They get sick of old toys after some time, and they enjoy having new ones. What if the dog still has lots of toys? Try to switch the order you’re giving them in if your dog already has a lot of toys.

That should split the boredom and monotony and keep your dog entertained.  Also, do not yell if the dog destroys a toy like a stuffed animal. Often, dogs have the innate instinct to kill something, which allows them to keep sharp. The toy in question may also be a warning that it’s dull and it’s time for a new one. Many toys exist in the world. Find the one that will make your pup excited and happy.

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